Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kids Halloween Party + Fun!!

Yesterday, my family and I were invited to attend Convergys Kids Halloween Party,  it was called “tweet or trick” because of their angry birds themed. There were lots of games and activities where my children really enjoyed, actually my son won a scooter in "longest trick or treat" games..lucky for him..:)

There is also photobrew, a photo booth station where we take pictures as souvenir..:)

face painting station, glitter tattoo, and coloring nook where there are available worksheets that kids can splash colors and meet new friends.

After that we went to different floors to ask for plenty of candies and chocolates, (this is my children’s favorite part) hehe..

Of course the party would not be complete without snacks..:)
they prepared food carts for food..

so i think that's it for now!!

this was what i wore..sorry for this simple outfit..:)




i love your outfit!! :)

Lilli Abatayo said...

:) thank you so i know that there's someone who appreciate my simple style..;)

Glenn Encinares said...

Nice blog :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

Glenn of Gencified