Thursday, December 8, 2011

a very inspiring thoughts from MS. DENISE OF SIMONE'S CLOSET

when i met a blog reader..

Hi Lilli! If you are reading this post, here are the photos I mentioned to you days ago! I just love to look at these photos because these simply reflect the happiness I felt when I met Lilli, my blog reader at the BU2! She sent me message over at facebook telling me how much she wants to have a photo with me, and so am I (nothing beats the rewarding feeling of getting to know your blog reader and hear them say how much she looks up at you! ) I was worried that I might not see her there since I arrived late in the afternoon, but thank God when she was about to leave, I came right on time! and as they say, POOF!!! and these photos are the clear evidence! haha! 

One of my wishes in life is to have a photo with all of my blog readers! I am holding to that wish Because I know we will all meet in time! 

Thanks again Lilli for everything and making me feel proud of myself, you serve as a reminder for me to blog more and be an inspiration to many! I love you Lilli! :)

my heart was filled of so much happiness after seeing this
it's such a big pleasure meeting you ms. denise..
ikaw na tlaga!!!!your the best of all the best!!
keep on inspiring us!!I love you po!!mwaahh!!


Denise said...

i love you too Lilli! sana we'll meet again! just keep on blogging and reach for your dreams no matter how impossible they are to reach! :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

wow Denise is such an amazing gal..and one stylish blogger too. was it you who was with her when i saw her outside, near the hotdog stand? i wish i could have stayed long and chatted with Denise but we were in a hurry to buy food cuz we're taking turns watching our booth..hehe.

hope to see you on the next BU event!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥