Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011


WHISPER  held an audition for their next whisper camp music video. So they are going to choose 10 girls to be part of it. So I realized that since I've never been into dancing for a very long time, it’s not that bad to try joining even though I’m too old for that J.

Anyway, I just want to share what I experienced during Whisper Camp Fair.
It happened last November 5, 2011, in San Juan Gym.

As you can see, they combined only two colors blue and purple, which will represent the two groups.

The 1st one was Cottony Blue Club headed by Ms. Kathryn Bernardo and Super Purple Club headed by Ms. Julia Montes. (dito ako napunta hehe..buti nalang)
this two artist are really beautiful inside out..:)
i really love them both.

my no. hehe

after we registered, they gave us this card as our passes for the acitvity area and food
na hinanda nila for us.

cotton candy cart!

photobooth for all!

activity area

thanks to nestle para sa isang masarap na ice cream..since
purple kami ube ang flavor nang samin..:)

dance booth

stage area where we show our dance moves.

our beloved choreographers..super bait nila samin.


lovely hurados.

host of the day. super bait din nito.

and of course thank you to their lovely staff and organizers..
you did a great job!!:)

 of course di kumpleto without picture taking..hehe

with our leader julia montes..
and new friends.

sila ang mga new friends ko..
gaining new friends is the best..:) missed them..

my ultimate crush for the day..;)

and to finish this..this what i wore..:)

thank you whisper for the unforgettable experience..
we certainly had a great time..
have a happy period!!

join their facebook page here
thank you!:)