Thursday, April 26, 2012


look how elegant that necklace is..:) this is from BUBBLES ACCESSORIES one of the online shop that keep on growing..:)  look how far they've gone..:)
check out their website BUBBLES ACCESSORIES..
and also visit ALARILLA SISTERS blog.

When I first saw bubbles necklaces, I instantly fell in love with the designs and styles! They make any plain outfit turn FABULOUS!
they're creation are really FASHIONABLE and soooo AFFORDABLE....that's why they are most love by many fashionista's especially our famous bloggers here in the Philippines..:)

anyways here are some of my pictures where i used bubbles necklace..

i got this necklace from ALARILLA SISTERS GIVEAWAY..
swerte ko lang hehe..

hope you like this post..^_^